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Online Therapy

When covid hit, I was unsure if online therapy would be effective, or even safe, but. Like every other industry, the counselling world had to adapt as we had clients who needed our help.

I researched into the possibility of offering my clinical services online and completed the necessary online training modules, offered via British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


I now only work online, using Zoom as my online portal.

Feedback from clients has reassured me that this online only clinical model provides the safety and clinical conditions, that they have needed. Some have shared that they have felt supported to bring their most vulnerable self. Into this virtual clinical space.

The important thing to remember is that we are now very used to communicating and working within this online world, but online therapy is and needs to be different.

Consider previously when you may have needed to walk, or travel to and from your counselling session. This commute, would have given you, perhaps unknowingly, some interrupted head space to clear your mind and prepare for your session. Without this travel time, we need to create some head space to support you to log on, ready to bring what you want and need to.

I would suggest that you prepare a space that you know will be quiet and free from any interruptions. Factor in some preparation time before your session, to relax, clear your mind and get yourself into the "zone". Allow yourself some time to prepare before your session, and then some time afterwards. To prevent an automatic switch back into your day to day life, or work schedule following the end of your session. If you are using a space that you associate with work, perhaps declutter the area, light a candle, or change the layout. To limit distractions and increase your comfort.

Some client contact me prior to booking in for their first session and request a brief introductory Zoom call. These short online meetings would give you some time to meet me and ask any questions you may have around timing, frequency and availability. I understand the need from some, to meet with me in advance of booking in and hopefully feel more certain of booking in after having this brief call. I offer around 15 minutes for these free, introductory calls. As such, they would not offer sufficient time for me to hear your reasons for contacting me, or begin any therapeutic thinking. 

If you are happy and comfortable to book for a first paid 50 minute session. Please do reach out. Via email, we would discuss availability and the next steps needed. To then confirm available appointment days and times. Within this first meeting we would talk through your reasons for contacting me, look at how and if, we could work together and, if you wished. Begin to look at, in more depth, a plan and focus for the clinical space and how we would move forward.

I hope this has been helpful. 

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