Making an intimate relationship work is not always an easy task. Too often, couples can  feel frustrated and helpless when their individual differences clash and when hurt can turns to anger.


The goals of Couples Counselling are yours and are usually discussed and agreed at the first session.


Couples Counselling is designed to support couples communicate around issues that have led to a fracture within their relationship.  It can help with conflict resolution and develop skills and strategies to de-escalate ways of being when emotions are running high. It can also be a place where couples talk through their separation, or issues around co-parenting. 

Some couples can typically have an instinct to try to solve their own problems. For some, it can be difficult to find a way beyond the immediate situation or issue, without an objective party to help neutralise  high emotions enough, to get to a place where both parties are able to begin to listen. This is where Couples Counselling can help.

The reluctance to seek outside help is understandable, but too often fuels the fire in perpetuating negative cycles of behaviour. If the couple is motivated to address their difficulties, Couples Counselling can be effective in repairing the damage in their relationship. To move them forward, helping them build the skills necessary to create the relationship that both parties want. 



Most people experience individual counselling as a safe place to share their deepest thoughts and feelings without judgment. Individual counselling offers a powerful setting for the disclosure of secrets, emotions and experiences that may be difficult to acknowledge and share elsewhere.


The goals of individual counselling are yours and would be talked through and agreed at the first session.


You may have experienced trauma, bereavement  or loss. You may have experienced rejection or the breakdown of your relationship. You may be aware that the impact of these are preventing you from moving on and living your best life. 

Individual counselling can provide the space to explore these difficulties. It can provide a space to support you to make the desired changes in yourself, your relationships and your life. Whilst developing awareness, resilience and strategies to allow you to work towards a place of acceptance and peace. 




I offer Telephone Counselling to individuals who live in the UK. Counselling by phone has distinct advantages and can be highly effective.

Telephone Counselling may be suitable for you because:

  • You may be nervous about coming for face-to-face counselling. Telephone counselling may offer you a more comfortable alternative.

  • Telephone counselling can offer you a degree of anonymity.

  • It eliminates your need to travel, and allows you to have counselling sessions from the comfort of your own home.

  • You can fit your sessions around you work, life and family commitments.

  • It can also be used as an additional support between face-to-face sessions.


Telephone Counselling sessions are by appointment only. Payment methods would be discussed on making contact, but payment is required in advance of the agreed appointment. Payment received would then secure your booking.   


I accept Payments via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

If you would like to find out more about my Telephone Counselling Services, please get in touch.


I have been working with children and young people for over 10 years now in a therapeutic setting. I am highly skilled and experienced at building rapport and developing a trusting and honest therapeutic relationship.

The young people I have worked with have experienced stress, anxiety, low mood, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anger issues, self harm and behavioural issues. This has included a wide range of emotional difficulties, including family breakdown and trauma.

Our work would provide a space for exploration and reflection. A space to develop strategies to cope with overwhelming feelings such as anger and anxiety. Our work would focus on building emotional resilience, self care and new coping skills. 

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